Enjoy much needed Couple Time on a Romantic Hike

We all know the standard lists of what counts as romantic for a date: dinner, movie, long walks on the beach, etc. While all of those are good options, romance doesn’t have to be limited, and can be experienced in some of the most unexpected ways. Not only is hiking a wonderful day date option, you may just be surprised at how it can bring you and your significant other closer together. Plus, it will make your post-hike dinner all the more exciting, since there will be a lot more to talk about! Still on the fence? Consider this:


Yes, New York is home to some of the best parties, art galleries, and events. But did you know it is also home to beautiful hiking trails with views and scenery beyond your wildest imagination? Skip the city for the day and add some fun into your love life by going on a spontaneous hiking date. It will be memorable not just because of your company, but because of the trails, waterfalls, views, flowers and wildlife. When you return to city life, you will be grateful for the experience and happy to have shared it with special someone.

Embracing the Elements Together

You’ve gone on dates to movies, upscale museums and all the happening parties. You may even feel that you know your date quite well. But have you ever turned up the dial and seen them outside of the traditional settings? No matter how well you plan a hike, things out of your control may happen. Drastic weather changes, for one. Or you may steer off the trail and get lost. How well do you two work together when things are a little more chaotic than just trying to decide what movie to watch? Do you combine your strengths and problem solve? Or do you turn on each other? Sounds a little Survivor-esque, but experiences like this can really bring a couple closer together, and build trust through vulnerability. You can then reflect – and celebrate – over a nice dinner. Now that’s romantic.

A Hiker’s High

Ever heard of a runner’s high? Guess what, it’s not just for runners! When you work out, endorphins are produced, which are often described as “natural painkillers.” According to sport and exercise psychologist Dr. J. Kip Matthews, endorphins also bring about feelings of euphoria and a general sense of well-being. While you may enjoy a nice buzz resulting from a dry red wine with your date, why not experience euphoria with them, too? Bonus: no post-date hangovers!

So while date options in New York may seem pretty set, step outside of your comfort zone and go for the unordinary. Put on your hiking shoes, take some snacks and water, and explore some of the best hikes New York has to offer.

Hiker’s high or not, you will be able to see your date in a different light – no candles required.