Cool, Zagat is now free & easy with Google Plus!

3 STEPS TO WRITE A ZAGAT REVIEW (full-Access only for Google+ users)

1. Open a Google+ account if you don’t have one already. It is easy if you have a Gmail account. When signed in, click the top left corner of the screen near the plus sign and fill out the info.

2. When done filling it out, click on the Local icon on the left bar.  You may have to click the More button on the bottom.

3.  Search in the Local section for a restaurant, and then after reaching their Google+ Local page click the blue “Write a Review” button.

Your opinion matters to us. We follow reviews online looking to make each customer’s experience better. Therefore, we’d like to draw your attention to the new free Zagat. Zagat is now owned by Google and much of the ratings and reviews has been released to the public free of charge. Not only is it a valuable, new resource for customers, it has become a tool for us to find out about customers’ experiences while at AYZA.

See Our Zagat Page in Full

With the three categories and witty paragraphs, Zagat’s format fills in the gaps online. we appreciate the structure, economy and clarity of Zagat. Like you, we have consulted that little red book over the years, and now we hope Google will continue with the same high quality content. If you are interested to see the change, look in Google Local listings and you will see Zagat ratings for businesses including restaurants.

If you sign up for Google+ (free), you get even more access and can participate in Zagat with a few clicks. For no cost, you are given the signature breakdown between food, service and decor that Zagat has made famous. I hope you get as much good use out of it as we have and will.