Congratulations to our 1st Photo Contest Winners!

We are happy to announce the winners of AYZA’s Photo Contest!

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Jean-Philippe Rebuffet


JUDGES PRIZE: Jen Gallardo


Praise for Our Winners

Let me talk about the winners for a second.

Jean’s photograph dramatically alters your perspective on something ordinary, drinking a glass of wine. It added a grace that almost made you feel the pleasure the drinker experience. The use of color popped out, and it is a more than worthy winner of the contest.

Marisa’s photograph of a knife cutting off a corner of a chocolate creates a very specific but subtle effect. By beautifully freezing the world as the knife chips off a small chocolate, you savor the subtlety of the image, and realize the importance in savoring even the smallest bite. 

Jen’s photograph shows an uncanny mastery of angles and spacing that does something extremely difficult, bringing visual appearance of the chocolate martini in line with its taste. In one sense, the photo is simple still life, but the interesting array of colors and focus create a very elegant image.

Gina’s photograph captured a moment in time that cannot be expressed in words, but anyone who had a childhood has felt it. A child’s delight is an exceptional thing, and what is even more exceptional to take a photo that does justice to the child’s emotion. Gina’s photo succeeds with flying colors.

Great Submissions

Thank you to those who submitted! You contributed so many fantastic photographs and we wish it was possible to recognize everyone of you individually! It was a pretty exceptional display of enthusiasm and artist talent. We encourage to continue taking photos at AYZA.

Most weeks, there was no greater pleasure than going through the contest submissions and seeing people’s AYZA experience firsthand. It really opens up a new perspective to
We appreciate the quality and quantity of the response to the contest (and plan on doing it again in the future), and we hope you had as much fun as we did.

Please share your experience as this feedback will be a resource for next time we run a photo contest!