Choose AYZA for Your Holiday Party

Anyone in charge of a company’s holiday party knows it is never too early to plan out the event. Venues become unavailable as we come closer to December and you end up with less options. Also, once you have a date, your coworkers can plan the lead-up to the holidays better.

Holiday Events at Ayza
Holiday Events at Ayza

Your gift to your coworkers for the holidays is an exciting and memorable event. The venue matters, as you want it to feel nothing like the office. New experiences like drinking chocolate martinis and filling up on fondue enables everyone to loosen up and relax. There is a lot of unique things to discover in NYC…why not throw your holiday party at a one of a kind place?

On Christmas and Hanukkah, chocolate and wine are popular participants in the festivities. AYZA brings all that together and it becomes a special place during the holiday season. A large group mingling around Malbec and Jacques Torres chocolate seems like the recipe for a great holiday party.

We can also add a Sommelier-Guided Wine Tasting to your event. Wine can be intimidating, mysterious, and challenging. We can include a mini course where you’ll learn how to taste, enjoy a selection of wines and their pairing options.

Contact us if you’d like to have your holiday party at AYZA. For smaller groups, we have semi-private event packages. Many of your coworkers have probably been meaning to go to AYZA or would love a place to celebrate wine and chocolate. It is a choice guaranteed to please everyone.