Chocolate Benefits, Facts and Figures

Chocolate which has long been considered the food of the Gods is the perfect guilty pleasure for many of us. True chocoholics are passionate about chocolates and mere thinking about this sweet treat can arouse a delightful response in them. Undoubtedly, chocolate induces love and euphoria. It has an assortment of sought-after nutrients, minerals, and feel-good compounds.

But, the journey from cocoa tree to chocolate bar involves a long refining process and prudent treatment to get the best from the finished product. Each step in the process is crucial to entice the best flavor from the bean. In fact, chocolate making is a scientific art that requires adding ingredients with precision, a multi-day blending process and tempering.

Through the means of flavoring and processing, a huge variety of chocolates with different combinations of ingredients and levels of sweetness are created. Baking chocolate which contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions, without any added sugars, while milk chocolate contains milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids and the most popular version of chocolate i.e. sweet chocolate is  a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or added vegetable oils, and sugar.

Today, this thick dark nectar of sweetness, nutrition, and pleasure compliment almost every other flavor and has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world. A vast number of cuisines involving chocolate have been created, particularly desserts. Chocolate is also used in cold and hot beverages such as chocolate milk and hot chocolate and in some alcoholic drinks. Also, gifts of chocolate molded into different shapes ideal perfect for every occasions from congratulations to corporate gifts have become traditional all around the globe.

Take a closer look at the sweet lure of chocolate with this infographic:

Chocolate Benefits, Facts and Figures