Best Corporate Gift Ideas for 2018

Corporate gift programs have turned out to be very successful for most organisations. Corporate gifts act as an expression of the company’s appreciation for both their clients as well as their employees. There are a lot of occasions when gifts are given but perhaps the most popular is Christmas and New Year’s. However it is not only limited with those. The new year signifies new beginnings and a chance to celebrate the achievements of the year gone by.  No wonder then that most organisations around the world give out some kind of gifts on New Year’s.  You can also give your gifts to celebrate the beginning of the New Year- 2018!

Choosing the right corporate gift is not an easy task. There are several things that you need to take into consideration. In case you are confused as to what to buy for the clients and the employees, you can check out the following gift ideas.

1. Barware and Spirits Set


By gifting barware and spirits set to the clients, you will be able to help them to celebrate in style. There are different types of cocktail glasses that you can select from the market. In fact, wine glasses are just the perfect corporate gift idea. This is because they portray an element of sophistication and will be available at many price points. You can choose the ones that suit your budget. However, a word of caution is necessary here. While gifting barware do check that this does not conflict with their lifestyle or their religious sentiments.


2. Food Basket

Every one is in the mood for something yummy anytime. Therefore one thing which would always be a good gift idea is a food basket. Fruits and artisanal cheese make a great combination. If you want you can include handmade jams along with fresh farm cheese from some local business. This will make your gift more distinctive and special. Moreover, you can add a cheese knife or a wood serving platter which the recipients will enjoy again and again. If you want to include some different types of food, you need to include the preparation tools and kitchen linens as a part of the gift package. Make sure that you place them in a decorative basket to give a festive look.

3. Tea and Coffee Gifts

There is nothing as good as tea or coffee as a corporate gift item. It is necessary to tailor your choice as per the preference of the recipient. You should look for flavored beans and indulgent blends. Thereafter, complete the present using coffee spoons, mugs, and a teapot.


4. Home Décor Items

Small decorative items like candles, picture frames, and vases are versatile gifts for the office, as well as home. To add a special touch, you can fill the vases with a bouquet of fresh flower ideal for the season. Make sure that whatever you are choosing is neutral in taste. Faux potted plants are also a good idea as they add a natural appeal to the office space. The recipients will be able to enjoy the beauty of the botanicals without even watering them from time to time.


5. Gift Cards


AYZA Gift Card
AYZA Gift Card

A Gift card
is a great way to please your employees and clients. Recipients will be able to choose from a wide range of items. You have the option to email the gift card directly to the recipient. However, if you want in-person presentation then make sure that you pack the gift cards in sophisticated folio cases, or you can ship the actual card through our website.

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