AyzArt: Sadi Tekin’s City Illusions


Remember when art was fun. As a child, an illustration could make you laugh or smile. It seems like it didn’t take much. But the truth is you may just not be looking in the right place. At the reception of AyzArt’s newest installation on September 9th at 6pm at AYZA West Village, you will be at the right place to capture that same kind of delight.

AyzArt latest installment, “Monsters, Madness, and Napkins,” from artist Sadi Tekin shows that child-like glee has a place in the grown-up art world. We are glad to announce that Sadi Tekin will be there for the opening reception. Tekin is the creator of the Monsters in New York series of illustrations that’s popularity seems to double every few minutes (20,000 Facebook fans in under a month). In the series, Tekin illustrates over photos, drawing in irresistible monsters that delight you without the burden of ‘deeper meanings.’ They talk in bubbles, lampooning themselves and the city.

But it is much more than cartoons. Every time the monsters appear they alter the scene, questioning and expanding our fantasy universe. Tekin’s illustrations Monsters of New York challenge us to experience silly, something very unfamiliar to adults but the experience is just as powerful as when we were kids.