AYZART, New Art Concept Lauches in West Village


We, at Ayza, are pleased to announce the launch of our art project AyzART at the West Village location. We will inaugurate AyzART with an opening reception on February 10th at 5:30pm, when we will present the work of award-winning photographer Sinem Dişli.

 AyzART makes contemporary art available for public view from the street at the corner of Carmine and 7th Avenue South. The art pieces will be installed in a corner space glass case that extends out into the sidewalk. We will occasionally accompany this with complementary art pieces in Ayza’s interior.

Ayza has always been an outgrowth of cosmopolitan life in New York City. And we know that the heart of any cosmopolitan city is its vibrant art scene. That’s why Ayza has decided to show arresting and thought-provoking artwork enjoyable to any passer-by. These pieces will add an extra dynamic to the pedestrian experience, enriching the already vibrant West Village.

The AyzaArt Reception We plan on featuring one artist at a time, exhibiting his or her work for about a month. We will throw an opening reception to celebrate each new exhibition in order to let Ayza customers meet and discuss with the artist. Please join us for our first cocktail party on February 10th from 5:30 to 8:30pm around the mesmerizing photographs of Sinem Dişli.


“In her photographs, the neutral figure –dressed juxtaposed with undressed, disabling the identity of either – stands against a place that has also lost its connection with presence, a place taken out of its context and its history. The figure replaces context, shifting the site from one of communal history to one of personal memory. Both figure and location lose their identities. […] Through this loss of identity, the image insinuates itself into the mind of the viewer; it becomes as if I had been there.” Wendy M. K. Shaw

We are honored to inaugurate this exciting exhibition series with Sinem Dişli’s photographs and help put her work in front of the public.

AyzART website