AYZA West Village’s Chocolate Fountain

You may know the great fountains of the world. You may have photos of the Bellagio Hotel’s water works, thrown a coin into Rome’s Trevi Fountain and stood in awe at the fountains of Versailles. AYZA’s fountain can’t claim the size, grandeur or artistry of those marvels. But then again, none of those fountains use chocolate. The chocolate fountain will only be at AYZA’s new location in the West Village, which will open in the next few weeks.

The fountain pumps 7 pounds of melted dark chocolate, giving it a perfectly smooth consistency. Right from the fountain, your personal portion of warm chocolate fondue is brought to the table where you can dip at your leisure.

You only have 18 choices for dipping. There are the classics: strawberries, raspberries, apples, marshmallows, bananas, pretzels. There are some a little more dangerous: Lady Fingers, melon, kiwi, frozen banana, banana bread, sponge cake, cookies. Then there are the ones that show your hidden sense of adventure: brownies, pineapple, Turkish Delight, fruity bears, candied ginger. Which are the best? You can only know after you tried them all.

We admit that having a chocolate fountain may distract your meal. You may feel the urge to skip to dessert. But remember everything is better once you wait. But remember dip indulgently as you don’t want to leave any chocolate behind.

Flickr Image: Liquid Chocolate