Ayza West Village Photos: Making Our New Location Home

The construction of Ayza West Village is underway. If you are walking on 7th Avenue , you may have noticed the black and white Ayza sign over the future location. Our white cat is already up there scoping out the neighborhood. We understand how you may be curious and would like to peak in and see how things are going. As we could not open a new Ayza without you, see the pictures below and you’ll get an idea what’s going on. There are two photographs of the interior, one of the covered windows and the second of the back wall. As you can see, Ayza West Village is a work in progress.



AyzaWestVillageInterior2blogaBut we are making progress in transforming an empty cold space into something even more impressive than what you’ll find at our Midtown location. You see that in the beginning the transformation happens out of sight and only near the end do parts that make the space comfortable appear (like the bar and the lighting).

We are also intent on making it perfect, or as close as humanly possible. At times, it can be a loud, bustling work site. Many talented workers contribute, from plumbers to electricians to carpenters. They work carefully so by the Grand Opening everything goes off without a hitch and you can focus on the dark chocolate aftertaste in your mouth.

We will keep you up-to-date on the new location, and give you a sneak peak into developments at Ayza West Village. It’s truly exciting seeing it all come together.