AYZA West Village gets Xocolatti Hand-Crafted Chocolates

AYZA West Village will now have handcrafted chocolates from Xocolatti Chocolates. They make their fine artisan chocolate in the West Village, only a few blocks from AYZA.

Their chocolates defy expectations finding imaginative chocolate pairings. Using nuts, fruits and spices, Xocolatti makes you rethink chocolates compatibility with a whole host of flavors. Of their great selection of chocolate, we chose our favorite 3 slates and 2 clusters for the dessert menu. You can try a single one or get the full experience and try all 5.

See the new dessert menu!


Xocolatti’s slates show you that every bite in a chocolate bar should be exciting and make you enjoy chocolate in deeper ways.

Mango Paprika

Both chocolate and paprika, a spice of ground pepper, have roots in Central and South America. Not surprisingly, they make a excellent balance of sweet and spicy. The paprika provide the punch for smooth white chocolate while the mango adds a tropical lushness.

Rose Hip Pistachios

The rose petals makes this slate an experience with your nose as much as your tongue. The rose petal fragrance compliments the chocolate and Italian pistachios, allowing you to access subtilties you wouldn’t have noticed. The two layers of chocolate, one white and one dark, to bring the pistachios to life.

Orange Hazelnut

You cannot top milk chocolate and roasted hazelnut. The orange oil counters the robustness of the hazelnuts while the adding of rice puffs makes it have a satisfying crunch.


The chocolate clusters of Xocolatti show their exceptional workmanship. These dramatic shapes let you see how the chocolate integrates with the other flavors.


Hazelnut and milk chocolate is a no-brainer and it never grows old. This one is the perfect marriage of crunchy and creamy.

Pomegranate Woodbury

Mixed in with bittersweet dark chocolate, pomegranate and Woodbury jelly inject a tangy and fruity taste to make an unforgettable taste.