AYZA Tuesday Girls’ Night Out: A Night For You

Tuesdays are stranded in the work week. They are islands of stress as a lot of work remains to be done. And nowadays, NYC’s working women have it as hard as men, if not harder. To survive, one should take some time to regroup before sprinting to Friday. Therefore, ladies, come to AYZA for Tuesday Girls’ Night Out and with a reservation receive a Chocolate Shot and a Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

Our formula involves three things: wine (or cocktails if you prefer), chocolate and your girlfriends. As a full-fledged wine bar, AYZA offers with our wide selection fine wine, but we also make a memorable chocolate martini.

But let’s admit it, in the back of your mind you’re probably thinking about chocolate. Whatever are you going to choose in addition to the complimentary chocolate? It’s the middle of the week, besides. One needs to relax, slip off of one’s shoes. And chocolate relaxes like few other things.

AYZA’s Tuesday Girls’ Night Out gives you also the chance to shake off your beaus and have some quality time with your girlfriends. Certainly, everyone benefits when they spend time with friends. Okay, so you’re thinking that where all your girlfriends’ workplaces are spread around Manhattan. AYZA cannot be situated in a better place. It’s central, barely two blocks from the Lexington subway line or the N, Q, R line. So getting home is not a chore.

And don’t forget, for making a reservation on Tuesday night, AYZA will cap off your evening with a complimentary Chocolate Shot and a Belgian Chocolate Covered Strawberry. By taking AYZA up this offer, you’ll feel pleased with yourself that you came up with such a great idea that includes some girl time and a good deal. And you should.