AYZA Co-Owner Discussing Social Responsibility

We wanted to give you some answers to frequently asked questions surrounding our Social Responsibility program. AYZA co-owner, Zafer Sevimcok, is much of the driving energy behind this part of AYZA.  Here is his thoughts in his own words:

Zaf at a Rebecca Taylor Benefit for the non-profit Fashion Hope

1. Was there a turning point when you decided that AYZA should do more for the community?

In the past 2 years, I’ve lost my best friend from cancer. Another close friend of mine survived breast cancer around the same time.  Being in this journey with them, seeing what they went through made me realize that anything can happen to anybody any moment. This has opened my eyes and reminded me of my responsibilities for the people and community I am in.

2. Why do you believe in social responsibility? What role do you think AYZA should play in its community?

For me, this is part of being a human. We should all believe in social responsibility. It is our unnamed task that we owe to our community. Everything starts with us. Believing it and working hard for people who is in need give us a special sense of purpose and even make us feel better.

Living with conscientious people who are ready to share and help each other without expecting anything back is wonderful. Don’t you think so?

AYZA takes full responsibility in its community and ready to give back when there is need. AYZA is a bridge between the community and people who are in need.

3. How do AYZA customers relate to the not-for-profit organizations you work with? 

Many of our customers are young women and young professionals. It is natural for us to choose to work organizations that have similar demographic, so we get better outcome by raising awareness among our followers.

So far, from the events and organizations we have hold we get very positive feedback. Our guests appreciate our efforts and support us in every aspect.

4. What characteristics do you look for in a not-for-profit organization?

We work with reliable organizations that have already proved themselves to the community with their work.  We are usually more involved with not-for profit organizations that work nationwide.

5. What is the best single experience you have had in launching this social responsibility initiative?

Claudia, my friend who is a cancer survivor, made a big difference in my life as well as she did to many others. Seeing her stronger and happier than ever makes me a believer again. Now she is a cancer advocate, coaching and helping cancer patients and sharing her life experiences.  In such short time, her life perspective completely changed and now she is looking at life from a different window that is full of joy, love and happiness. I learned a lot from her.

Helping people, supporting each other and sharing should be our common tasks for humankind. Giving is living and it comes with a return of love that we all need.  it comes with a big reward. Opening our hearts, helping each other knowing that we make a difference in people’s lives bring complete satisfaction to our lives.

6. How can customers reach out to give feedback and insight into your social responsibility program? 

We have our PR team working nonstop. Our guests can always reach us through our social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter or they can always reach us through email or phone.

7. What future acts of social responsibility do you plan on undertaking?

AYZA would hold events, support not-profit organizations and raise awareness on regular basis. As I mentioned before AYZA is well aware of its role in the community and take full responsibility to do its duties without any hesitation.