AYZA Chocolate Point in Manhattan Mall

1920194_10152215686464598_828163619_nYou are walking through the Manhattan Mall on 33rd St. and 6th Avenue on your way to J.C. Penny or Aeropostale or Victoria’s Secret and you are stopped dead in your tracks. Chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate truffles.

Wait you think, don’t I know the name AYZA? If it sounds familiar, it is because it is the name behind the popular New York City chocolate bars. You have probably already been to AYZA in Midtown or AYZA in West Village and had our heavenly chocolate martinis (too bad you cannot serve them in malls). If you haven’t yet, you are most likely just waiting for the right time to come.

photo_1-3Yes, AYZA Chocolate Point is the very same AYZA, with the best chocolates. We always bring together the best, adding a little flare and fun to our chocolate selection. You see the whiskey chocolate truffles, the vintage chocolate bars, hot chocolate on a stick. It is so hard to choose. What was it that you came to the mall for again?

We hope to see you soon at the mall on level 1!