AyzArt’s Artist: Etty Yaniv’s “The Third Landscape”

Etty Yaniv built a unique installation for her show “The Third Landscape” at AyzART, adapting her art to this unusual and exciting display. The paper-installation operates in 3 dimensions, both being a work of sculpture and drawing. The effect is both reflects the city artifice and the organic curves of the human body. Other elements evoke landscape, topography, diagram and gesture.

1545992_406859016115800_482284039_nThe Brooklyn-based artist’s installations find inspiration in the urban environment, conjuring up an imaginary city out of the real concrete and steel of NYC. The craftmanship and care that goes into her creations reflect artistic whim yet mystery. The process involves fashioning hundreds of paper pieces together, including scraps from her drawings, ink marks and fragments from photos of urban architecture. At once abstract and tangible, the effect varies at distance whether the viewer takes the artwork in wholistically or in parts.

1609831_406859206115781_974723870_nFor AyzART, a one of a kind triangular shaped storefront in the West Village, the artist constructed densely layered paper clusters and gave them the freedom of movement where the art gently moves with the air. The paper fragments are transitory but have a permanence that cities symbolize. What one encounters is no less than a visual meditation on the city’s competing tendencies of destruction and creation, of the fleeting and the monumental.