Adventures with Your Furry Child; Your Dog!

Adventures with Your Furry Child: A Guide to Proper Dog Etiquette at a Coffee Shop

As you may know, AYZA Wine and Chocolate Bar is a dog friendly venue and we would love to have you to join us with you dog.  Your dog is your furry child, and just like you would a child, you bring him everywhere you go – trips to the store, walks around the neighborhood, and even vacations. So it makes sense that you would want to take him to your local wine bar, restaurant or coffee shop for some quality, relaxing time together. However, if you aren’t up to speed on dog etiquette, the trip will be far from relaxing for not only you, but everyone nearby.

This guide will help ensure your experience is hiccup-free.

1. Find dog-friendly coffee shops / wine bars on The last thing you want to do
is take your dog to a shop that frowns on four-legged visitors.

2. Select the best leash for your pup here. Not all leashes are created equal. The same can be said for collars. If you own a small dog that is easily corralled, a retractable leash can be a great choice. Some medium and many large breed dogs need harnesses or stronger leashes to help keep pooches in check.

3. Read more about proper outing prep on Barkpost. It helps if you’ve acclimated your dog to good manners already, but sometimes a little recap never hurts.

4. Teach your dog how to greet people politely. Nobody likes a dog that jumps on them or that won’t leave them alone. Work with your dog to focus on the appropriate way to greet people. If you can’t get it worked out, you might have to forgo visit to the coffee shop.

5. 20 dog commands you can teach your dog at home. A dog requires discipline and needs it, which is why you should have a fairly decent stock of commands that you’ve worked out with your pet.

6. Learn how to interpret what your dog is telling you from It takes a little time, but usually owners can get a good idea of what their dog is looking for. For example, I know what my dog wants when she hears me put my shoes on. She thinks that means it’s time for a walk.

7. 10 reasons to scoop your dog’s poop from Plain and simple it’s gross and unsanitary to leave dog poop. Be a good dog owner and always pick up after your dog.

Now that you are familiar with the basics of coffee shop dog etiquette, you can feel confident as a dog parent that both you and your pooch know how to be on your best behavior. Like all parents know, there will be slip ups and the need for the occasional discipline, but once you’ve set the groundwork you can enjoy all of your outings together.