A Brand New AYZA Coming to the West Villiage

We are excited to announce that AYZA will soon open at a new location in the heart of the West Village, bringing the richness of the AYZA experience to a neighborhood with a rich history, culture and community. We invite you to join our email list so you can receive all the latest updates about AYZA West Village in advance, so you aren’t late to the party’ If you sign up for the email list below, you will receive a glass of wine and chocolate truffle courtesy of AYZA West Village. Isn’t that a great way to kick off a new location?

The West Village is a magical place. Being a neighborhood that feels big and small, the West Village combines the best qualities of New York with everything great that’s hard to find in the rest of the city. We think of AYZA in much the same way.  In the West Village, you will find the same heavenly combination of decadent chocolates, fine wine and exquisite food that has made AYZA unlike anything else in New York City.

AYZA West Village will be located at One South 7th Avenue between Leroy and Carmine Streets. In essence, AYZA West Village means Manhattan gets double the desserts.  And if you check out AYZA’s new spot, you will see AYZA West Village become an impressive addition to the Village.

Stay tuned as additional information will be available soon.