7 Ways to Plan a Great Bridal Shower

7 Ways to Plan a Great Bridal Shower

A bridal shower isn’t just a party. Family and friends always come together to socialize and show their support for the upcoming union. Consequently, a lot of thought should be given to ensure your bride’s big day is everything she has ever dreamed of.

However, the planning process can be exciting yet challenging because you need a detailed, thoughtful, and organized party. Here are simple steps to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch!

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1. The Guest List

As the host, you need to consider your budget and venue to decide on the appropriate size of the party. If you’re planning a smaller shower, you might want to divide her friends and have different showers. However, you should discuss with the bride about who she’d like to invite and the nature of party she would like to have.

2. Determine the Theme

Try incorporating things that the bride-to-be likes such as her favorite food and drinks, personal style, decorations, and activities she enjoys. If she’s a party girl, you can plan a “cocktail hour shower” and if she is more spontaneous and outdoor type, plan a picnic. Other theme possibilities include couples cocktail for “Jack and Jill” showers, midday tea/luncheon, or a shower with specific items such as linen, lingerie, or kitchen items.

Bridal Shower Invitation
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3. Send Invitations

You should send out invitations four weeks prior the shower to give guests ample time to RSVP and shop for gifts. The invitations should include the date, time, location, and shower theme that helps them buy the appropriate gifts. In addition, direct RSVPs to one phone number to avoid confusion.

4. Prepare Fun Games

Playing games that revolve around the bride-to-be is an excellent way for guests to interact. It’s also a way to keep the shower enjoyable and make the bride feel unique. Keep it classy, though! For instance, “he said, she said” and quiz games are always engaging and hilarious.

5. Plan for Gift Opening

Schedule time for gift opening and ensure the session is well organized and moving along. Also, keep it short–no one wants to spend 3 hours circled around.

6. Plan a Simple Menu

A bridal shower doesn’t necessarily need a steak or food stations- classic entrees, appetizers, and desserts can always do! Remember that some guests might have dietary restrictions, and thus you should have an option that can work for everyone. For instance, serve a fruit salad so that vegans and gluten-intolerant guests can still relish the sweet treat. Besides, girls love a bar of chocolate (at least most of them do), so incorporate some in the menu.

7. Need Help? Let’s talk

At AZYA, we understand that hosting a bridal shower can be overwhelming. We’ll help you set up a relaxing yet entertaining environment for the perfect bridal shower. Our highly trained and courteous personnel will cater and serve the party to your satisfaction. We can handle all kinds of bridal showers from small, intimate, to large and extravagant parties. Above all, we have savoring appetizers, chocolates, and wine in place!

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