7 Ideas Will Make Your Company Holiday Party Memorable

Everyone at your company has worked hard all year, so during the holiday season you deserve to celebrate successes by throwing a big company holiday party. Your event will be that much more memorable, not to mention fun, when you incorporate innovative ideas.

7 creativity sparkers to get you started

1. Food, food, and more food. Everyone knows that one of the biggest centerpieces at the company’s annual party are the food and beverages. Make them stand out by hosting your party at a location with a reputation for excellent food and plenty of choices. Even better if there are some unique holiday dishes on the menu, and don’t forget the wine and chocolate.

company holiday party food

2. Theme it.
You can kick things up a notch by having a fun party theme. Think outside the box, and get your most creative employees involved in brainstorming. Possibilities include a White Christmas, Scrooge, or It’s a Wonderful Life theme.

3. Choose a unique venue. Wow your employees and guests by holding your holiday party at a stunning venue that offers unique features like posh seating, cozy lighting, and stunning views. Everyone will be more comfortable and relaxed, which is exactly what you want at a festive gathering.


Company Holiday Party

4. Say “cheeese.” 
With everyone spruced up for the holiday party, it’s the perfect time to snap some photos. Hire a professional photographer to take group, couple, and individual photos at the party. It’s an ideal way to let the memories last a lifetime.

5. Everyone’s a DJ. Holiday parties that include plenty of awesome tunes are big hits, but you know what’s even better? Letting everyone be the DJ. Days or weeks before the party, depending on your time frame, ask employees to each request one song to be played at the party. The music is guaranteed to top the charts.

6. ‘Tis the season for gift giving. Everyone’s feeling generous during the holidays, and it’s the perfect time to express your appreciation to employees by giving a gift, even a small one, that says “thank you.” Ideas to consider include gift cards and holiday ornaments.

7. Even more gifts. A great holiday activity that’s been around for ages is the grab bag of gag gifts, also known as white elephant gifts. Have each party guest bring a wrapped gift that didn’t cost much money but will provide some belly laughs. Take time during the party for everyone to exchange gifts.

This is just a springboard for an endless range of ideas to make your own. Think of ideas that suit your corporate culture, style, and preferences. Start bringing your ideas to fruition well in advance of your party so you’ll pull them off with ease. And when you’re ready to book the party where all those ideas will seamlessly come together, contact Ayza in New York City. We’ll help you come up with the perfect ideas and plan a party to remember well into the new year.


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