6 Ideas to Win the AYZA Photo Contest

What good is a contest without a prize. The $200 gift certificate prize for AYZA’s Photo Contest is a good reason to submit your best AYZA-related photographs. And even better reason is that it is fun that you would take photos even if there wasn’t a prize. But with $200 of wine, chocolate or food, most of us can benefit from a few pointers to take home the prize.


1. Instagram it!

Instagram gives photos on your smartphone a boost of style that is exactly what we are looking for in AYZA’s Photo Contest. A good Instagram photo can make the food jump off the plate as it makes you see ganache-filled chocolate, strawberry chocolate martini or white truffle pizza appetizing in a whole new way. Instagram smooths out some of the drawbacks of digital cameras especially how these cameras have trouble adapting to low light. It lets the tiny of a different era or perspective give the image a magical feel. You appreciate the red of a berry on a piece of cake like you never did before. It is also a great venue to communicate with friends and inspire their contributions. So we encourage you to take photos at AYZA and transform them through Instagram.

2. Light and Glare

A good photo needs good light, and that is hard to achieve at a bar with dim, romantic lights. One strategy mentioned above is to cut out some of the blue light from the flash (which bounces off the white plates and giving it a yellow tint) through Instagram. Of course, you have to be cunning to find a strategy to get only yellow light or lessen the effect of the blue flash. Angles are a consideration and so is utilizing whatever available light. Just try your best to make the food look as appetizing in your photo as it does through your eyes.

3. Find a Surprising Angle

Angle contributes to a photo’s originality. If you take a photo from the traditional angle, you are less likely to catch someone’s eye. But say, if you took a photo of the nose of the piece of cake by putting your camera level with the table, you may be surprised. Of course, this is more hit and miss but without some risk your photo is never going to stand out and win the contest. So think about our food and ambiance from a different viewpoint that may capture the essence of AYZA better.

4. Natural, Candid Poses

Way too often, people take photos of everyone in the same looking straightforward smiling pose. That does not tell a story about the experience and is not very different from tourist’s photos. Therefore, it may be a good idea to seek natural poses in your photo. Find the perfect moment when your friend lifts his or her wine glass, or the instance where reach across the table to try your dessert (hopefully with your permission!).

5. Vivid Colors

Always choose the most colorful things to photo. It of course is not the loudest collection colors but the most expressive ones that you want. Whether it is romantic, mysterious or playful arrangement of color, color has an unparalleled way of expressing emotion in photos. One of the central enjoyments of food is color and even colors like black and white only do as well as what colors are contrasting them.

6. Have FUN!

Many people will not win the contest, (not you of course!). So just in case, you should have fun and make it a group activity. You and your friends can have your own little contest. Or you can work together to get the perfect shot. Another set of eyes always helps. But the contest is supposed to add to your AYZA experience and give you something to take away after you finish your meal at AYZA.

So get to it!

Photos are from contest submissions. If you think they deserve to win, you can vote for their photos.