5 Romantic Ideas for your Special Someone

Relationships take work to establish and maintain. Whether you’re looking for a way to keep the spark alive in your current relationship or wish to convey your feelings to a new special someone, here are a few things to consider when cultivating romance:

1.) Food. Wine and chocolate are a good place to start (may be we are biased) being the traditional romantic foods. Experience has told us that you should not underestimate their power.   At least, you should use them as a back-up plan if your super-creative and personalized idea is unsuccessful. But of course you don’t need to be constrained to these items. Taking your special someone out to a romantic restaurant, cooking a fancy dinner at home or even bringing take-away for a night in can be very romantic gestures. Be sure to take your partner’s tastes into account to ensure you’re choosing something that will be well-received.


2.) Mood. If you choose to stay at home rather than visit a romantic restaurant, you can transform your home into a romantic space by paying special attention to mood lighting and music. The soft, flickering glow of candles will create a romantic atmosphere, and sensual music can set the stage for your evening. You may even buy flowers although you should make sure there is a vase available. Try soft music for a quiet evening, or put together a playlist of your date’s favorite songs for a personalized touch.

3.) Gifts. Relationships thrive when you show your appreciation for the other person. Gifts of wine, chocolate and flowers will never go out of fashion, but if this romantic gesture is only about the gift and not the experience, you must go further. Personalized gifts, like jewelry or swanky clothes, may be a good choice as well. Paying attention to your loved one’s interests will help you choose the perfect gift to show your love.

4.) Spontaneity. Boredom and routine can damage a couple’s relationship. Shaking things up with a new activity can help reignite a lost spark. Try changing your routine by visiting new locations in town or trying a new activity together. This means not planing special moments around birthdays and anniversaries. Also, celebrating one of your special someone’s personal accomplishments is always a pleasant surprise. Even something as simple as a nighttime picnic can bring a sense of fun and spontaneity to a relationship.


5.) Time together. The most important aspect of cultivating romance is spending time with your significant other. Taking the time to talk and get to know each other better will strengthen your bond. No matter what you do together, take time to enjoy each other’s company so your relationship can flourish. Whether it is going on a trip together or spending a weekend just devoted to your relationship, love needs time to grow and to last.

These are just a few tips for spending a romantic time with your special someone. There are many more ways to help foster a loving relationship, but these should help inspire you to create the perfect evening for your partner.

Creative Commons Photos from Flickr