5 Cheers for 5 Years of AYZA! Let’s All Celebrate!

Celebrate AYZA’s Five Year Anniversary on Monday, October 15th through Sunday, October 21st at both locations!

Thanks to thousands and thousands of customers, AYZA has reached its 5th birthday. 5 years of wine. 5 years of cheese. 5 years of ganache truffles and chocolate martinis. Celebrate this day with us on Monday, October 15th through Sunday, October 21st at both locations!

The six days from October 15th to 21st will be a celebration of how AYZA for the last 5 years has been able to delight customers with food and drink in a unique, memorable way. It will be also a celebration of customers who have made AYZA possible, one chocolate martini at a time. Although since opening, we have had hundreds if not thousands of expressions of customer appreciation, few things give us so much pleasure. Hearing from customers is what it is all about, and it is like chocolate and wine, you can never have enough.

It has been a rewarding trip 5 years. In the beginning, our love for food and hospitality drove us to open an establishment that New York had never seen before. We knew wine and chocolate were a common language that New Yorkers enjoy as much as any culture. Perhaps, even more. So we brought them together, packaging the best wine, chocolate, food, service and setting together. In short, we poured all our efforts into AYZA, with one goal in mind, happy people. We wanted customers to leave AYZA with the sweet taste of chocolate in their mouth whether they had chocolate or not. It has worked out better than we could have ever hoped and we are very grateful for that.

We can’t wait to see you in October and for the years to come!