4 Secrets for Outstanding Chocolate Chip Cookies

Melodramatic chocolate chip cookie.
Melodramatic chocolate chip cookie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Almost anyone can make a good chocolate chip cookie, but few people make the ultimate chocolate chip cookies. The type of cookie that melts in your mouth yet has a soft crunch to it. The one that is full of chocolaty, gooey goodness but not so overloaded that it’s overwhelming…

That’s right that type of baking takes skill, but most of all it just takes knowledge about the secrets to creating the best chocolate chip cookie. The most basic pointer is the addition of the slightest bit of salt as salt really goes a long way to adding flavor. But the more advanced tips will add even another dimension.  Seasoned bakers and amateurs alike can benefit from these 4 tips for baking the perfect chocolate chip cookies.

The Tricks to Making the Perfect Cookie

Now, not everyone enjoys the same type of chocolate chip cookie. Some are more of a flat and crisp type while others prefer a chewy, gooey cookie. The trick to making the best cookie, though, is practice, and with these tips, anyone can improve his or her chocolate chip cookie.

1. Use the Right Butter

Butter is almost uncontestably the most important ingredient in a perfect cookie. Selecting a good quality salted sweet cream better is essential for a delicious cookie that has the perfect consistency. Now, just because the key is to find a good quality butter does not mean you have to go high end. Bakers simply need to play around with different brands and find one that holds its richness and fullness even after being melted.

Baking my famous chocolate chip cookies. Can y...
Baking my famous chocolate chip cookies. Can you say “nom”? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
2. Temper the Butter Correctly

Another key to a consistent cookie that is just the right thickness is the preparation of the butter. To maintain a full, rich cookie, bakers must be patient with preparing the butter. The best strategy to do so involves partially melting the butter in the oven and then allowing the butter to return to room temperature. The process can be expedited slightly by sticking the melted butter in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes, but it is crucial that the fat returns to room temperature before being added to the batter.

3. Eyeball the Flour

Some individuals reading this suggestion are likely shaking their heads, but the truth is the precise amount of flour needed for the perfect cookie is more of a “feel” thing than a measurement one. To achieve the perfect amount of flour, bakers must slowly add flour to the mixture until the dough pulls away from the sides of the bowl slightly.

4. Use Different Kinds of Chocolate Chips

For the best cookie, using no less than two different kinds of chocolate chips in the dough is advisable, but some individuals may prefer a mix of more. The reason behind using different types of chocolate chips is that the mixture creates a more tasteful and intriguing cookie. The different shapes of the chips offers a more varied textural experience while the slightly different flavors make the cookie even more palatable.

In addition to these key tips, there are a number of other baking strategies that some individuals find helpful. When baking cookies, many advise preparing smaller batches to allow for more precision. Likewise, watching the cookies as they bake facilitates prompt removal at exactly the right time. The one practice that makes all the difference in baking the perfect cookie, though, is practice. Achieving the skill needed to create the ultimate chocolate chip cookie is patient replication of the recipe until it is just right.