10 Life Situations Where You Might Need A Little Chocolate

10 Life Situations Where You Might Need A Little Chocolate

For people that love chocolate, it’s always a fine time to indulge in some of this tasty treat. Chocolate the minute it hits your tongue, whether it’s in a fine truffle, martini, or decadent dessert, send waves of pleasure through your senses. Studies have shown that daily doses of chocolate can actually be good for you. Antioxidants anyone? When life stresses you out, sometimes the answer is just to grab some chocolate.

Here are 10 life situations where you might need a little chocolate from us at Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar.

Chocolate Truffles

10: Your Kid Brings Home A Bad Report Card

A “D” in English again? It’s English!

9: Promotion At Work? Nope You Were Passed Up

You really thought you were going to get it this time. This is definitely the moment for an after work chocolate martini at Ayza, or two.

8: The Neighbor Won’t Clean Up After His Dog

You’ve left notes on his door, but every time he walks his dog by your lawn, well you know. It happens.

7: Taxes…Need We Say More?

After you file on the deadline at April 15th, you might need a glass of wine and some chocolate truffles. Celebrate with some “Champagne Strawberry” chocolate that’s organic and gluten free.

6: A Less Than Favorite Co-Worker Eats Your Yogurt

Even though this happens a few times a month when you leave your yogurt in the work room fridge, it still bums you out.

5: It’s Raining And You Break Your Umbrella

That fabulous blowout you just got yesterday is effectively ruined. Grab a gal pal and head directly to sharing a “Chocolate Earthquake Cake” with hot cream and hazelnut crumble to warm up your insides. Sorry, we can’t do anything about your hair.

chocolate bars

4: The Uber Driving Is Blasting Death Metal

Do they even vet these people ever? Abandon all plans and go directly to Happy Hour at Ayza. Trust us, you’ll feel better. Take home some truffles to enjoy in bed later.

3: “It’s Like 10,000 Spoons When All You Need Is a Knife”

Wait, that’s just a song. Eat some chocolate anyway.

2: Your Mom Wants You To Host Your Sister’s Birthday Dinner For 30. Again.

Enough said.

1: Your Blind Date Lives In His Mom’s Basement

Online dating can be a bit of a joke. Commiserate on a girls night out instead to share a “Chocolate Pizza” from Ayza with your bestie! Men may come and go, but your girlfriends and chocolate are forever.